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Loyola Slotted in at 12 in Season's First Ranking Period

The first ranking period came to a close today, and teams across ACHA Division 3 looked to the website to see how the ranking committee valued each of their seasons thus far.

In the ACHA, teams ranked in the top 10 in each region will move on to the Regional Tournament in Milwaukee where they will battle out for the one of the 16 spots in the National Tournament in Columbus.

After the most difficult stretch of their season, the Ramblers were ranked 12th in the Pacific Region, putting them right on the cusp of their first ever Regional Tournament birth.

10 of the top 15 teams in the Pacific Region are members of the MACHA, so a strong showing in the rest of the Ramblers' league games and the MACHA playoffs, would nearly guarantee a spot in the top 10.

With this first ranking, the Ramblers have now been a top 15 team for 8 straight ranking periods. This goes to show how much the team has grown and developed as a serious contender in the past four seasons.

Sophomore forward Dominic Marcus on the team's position at this time was cautiously optimistic saying, "I think we're in a good spot, could be better, but we'll take what we can get." Fellow sophomore Pat Myers said, "I feel the same way." Leading scorer Matt Barnett also commented saying, "I can finally rest easy at night knowing that we have put ourselves in a position to make the Regional Tournament."

Next weekend the Ramblers will face off against arch rival and 14th ranked Northwestern for their final home games of the season. If you have yet to take in a Loyola Hockey game, this is the one to attend. The fans will be rowdy, and, as always, the team guarantees big hits and big fun.

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