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Men's Hockey Takes Home Three Awards at 2nd Annual Club Sports Banquet

In the 2nd Annual Club Sports Banquet, Loyola University Chicago once again took the time to honor all of the accomplishments made by the school's 26 club teams. The team was nominated for five awards for the evening: Team of the Year, Philanthropy Club of the Year, Officer of the Year, Executive Board of the Year, and Men's Most Valuable Player. The team was represented at the banquet by senior Ryan Khalil, junior Dominic Marcus, and freshmen Pat Gallagher, Mike Beam, and Steve "Stove" Lockwood.

On the red carpet, Ryan Khalil was spotted wearing a throwback team polo from his four years ago. He said, "This will be my last function as a member of this team, and I thought I should take a little trip back in time with the freshman year polo."

The team won the first award of the night by taking home Philanthropy Club of the Year for the second consecutive year. Incoming president Dominic Marcus said, "We feel like we're in a position to some good things in our community, and we feel like this award shows that we have done that now for two years and hopefully for many more to come."

Ryan Khalil also won his second consecutive Officer of the Year award. As new Club Sports Director James Alexander put it when announcing the winner, "a fitting and honorable end to his time as part of the hockey team." Though his title did not change, Khalil spent a lot of his efforts this year on teaching next year's executive board how to handle the daily operations of running the hockey team. He hopes to leave a lasting legacy for incoming juniors Dominic Marcus, Matt Barnett, and Will Gaudet, who will take over next year. On his time as president of the team, Ryan said, "I think this award nicely puts the cherry on top of a wonderful four years that I have been involved with the hockey team and the three years that I have been on the team's executive board. I really want this team to succeed, and I believe we have the resources and people to do so."

The third and final award the team received went to Dominic Marcus as the Men's Most Valuable Player for all of club sports. "Slippery Dom" is a leader on the ice with his skill and finesse, and it showed. He was one of the team's consistently dominant offensive and defensive forces.

Next year, the team will look to build on these achievements and strive for an even more positive presence on campus and in the community.

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